One of the largest investment trends in the last year has been companies that merge tiny e-commerce enterprises. Thrasio, Berlin Brands Group, and Branded Group are three significant new companies in this space. Their major focus is on Amazon Marketplace seller consolidation. Una Brands is useful in this aspect.

According to co-founder and former Rocket Internet Asia CEO Kiren Tana, the start-up looks for potential acquisitions across marketplaces and platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Woo Commerce.

Today, Una brands announced that it had completed a 40 million equity and debt round of funding. During the round, Una withheld information regarding the equity-to-debt ratio. Like many other e-commerce aggregators, including Thrasio, Una used non-dilutive debt financing to acquire brands. The investment will also be used to recruit people to aggressively access pipeline brands. as per Una Brands $40M Multiple E-commerce Catherine una brands 40mshutechcrunch

How Did Una Brands Quickly Raise The Last Funding?

Rainforest, a Singapore-based e-commerce aggregator, has closed a $20 million pre-Series A round led by Monk’s Hill Ventures four months after making its most recent funding announcement. Along with returning investors Nordstar and Insignia Venture Partners, January Capital, Crossbeam Venture Partners, Amasia, and Lo & Behold Group were additional participants. In May, Rainforest announced that it had obtained a debt facility for 30 million dollars and 6.55 million dollars in equity to fund acquisitions.

 The company claims its most recent raise has given it more than $50 million to spend on brand acquisition in the e-commerce sector. Rainforest, which aimed to become the e-commerce equivalent of the consumer goods conglomerate Newell Brands and was founded by executives from Carousell and Fave, primarily acquires Amazon brands based in Asia.

Reasonable Quality Of Furniture

The brands offer ergonomic furniture that is both affordable and of high quality. They expanded exponentially against the pandemic’s requirements for working from home and the subsequent shift to hybrid working arrangements, which fuelled and sustained demand for ergonomic furniture. We are prepared to rapidly expand into new markets and grow our brands in a variety of regional markets with the financial and operational support of Una Brands. 

Why Una Offers A Price Range?

Una avoids fast fashion brands if they have strong SKUs and low seasonality, for example, and are open to many categories with annual revenue between 300,000 and 20 million. It does things that are hard for small brands, especially those run by just one or two people, like expanding into more countries and distribution channels, which is how it adds value. For instance, there are at least five or six crucial platforms that you should be using in Indonesia; sellers frequently fail to do so, so we explain this. The second is a cross-border business in Southeast Asia, which sellers frequently cannot conduct on their own because of customs, import restrictions, and duty regulations. Our team wants to bring that expertise to all brands and has experience in that area.

How to claim the portfolio brands?

The company’s initial plan was to raise between $8 million and 12 million for its seed round as per Singapore . However the amount was increased to 20 million due to investor interest.The money will also be used to hire people and build its tech infrastructure, in addition to brand acquisitions. According to Chai, Rainforest only raised equity because it hasn’t used the debt facility it received from Accial earlier this year. Rainforest’s first foray into China marked the acquisition of six brands, one of which was purchased from China for 3.6 million dollars.

 By the end of this year, the company intends to triple its brand portfolio. Rainforest grows brands after purchasing them by expanding into new markets and distribution channels, managing inventory, and cutting costs. The business asserts that since its acquisitions, its portfolio brands’ annual growth rates have increased by more than fifty percent.

What is the profit-sharing process?

Even though Una buys all the brands, it uses profit-sharing models with sellers. This means that sellers get paid a lump sum for most of their business and then get more money as Una grows the brand. After a sale, Una typically consults with sellers for three to six months. Amazon players know they can locate a product, sell it for four to five years, and then, ideally, make a multimillion-dollar deal to exit and either create a new product or go on vacation. Because Asian sellers aren’t as familiar with that, we see this as an education phase to show them how the process works and why selling to us makes sense.

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